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I doubt it
#26 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
I doubt it
Hard Rock
Length: 4:14
On Network Since May 17, 2009
#329 in Pop SongVault Certified
Adult Contemporary
Length: 3:04
On Network Since May 17, 2009
Bill Bozly
SongVault Certified Artist Bill Bozly

Coeur d’alene
Idaho, United States

Adult Contemporary / Modern Rock

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The Bill Bozly Bio: Bill Bozly is a gifted songwriter from the inland northwest that simply loves music. His whole musical career has been a rich potpourri of different styles and genres that have all contributed to what he calls a “continual musical journey”. Whether it be chicken-pickin’ twangy guitar in a country band, thumpin’ on a bass line in a funk band, fingerpicking an acoustic ballad or laying down some double bass drum tracks for a metal band in his studio, he does them all with a passion that makes you wonder what he eats for breakfast. His talents have taken him around the world playing nearly every genre of popular American music on a professional level. And best of all, he’s just happy to be along for the ride. Bill’s most recent effort in the studio is a self written, full length solo album of songs that he has compiled over the past 10-15 years in between playing with various musical groups in the area. He recorded all of the tracks in his home studio called Audiowave Music and Entertainment which is located in his hometown of Coeur d’alene, Idaho. He played all of the instruments on the album himself with the exception of the drums which were provided by his good friend Aaron Matheison. The result is a very well written arrangement of songs that flow out of the speakers and into your ears like water pouring into sand. Every song is a statement of grandeur and beauty that will pull you in and leave you thirsting for the next time you listen to it, yet make you curious for whatever journey the next song might take you on. His goal when it comes to songwriting and composing is to find the right ingredients and put them together in a way that takes the listener away from their everyday mundane activities and makes them think about something deeper than whatever might be troubling them at the moment. Sometimes that means pickin a banjo over a running water background, or a more dramatic approach with orchestral arrangements and a wall of electric guitars. Either way, his music makes you think, just not too hard, he still wants you to enjoy the experience.
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