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White Oak
Pennsylvania, United States

Indie Rock / Goth

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Ayris -- fully formed in January of 2006 with the addition of their singer, Allie Nickel. With Adam Henderson on drums, Hogma on guitar, Steve Whitmore on bass, they quickly made their way through Pittsburgh’s best venues, earning fans and winning the hearts of people young and old.
Nickel makes her way through each song with smooth, unconstrained and passionate vocals. The powerful yet technical guitar riffs of Hogma are striking and vigorous, yet they remain flexible and fluid, displaying years upon years of skillful playing. Whitmore thickens the melodies with appeasing bass lines that freely meld into hypnotic grooves complementing Henderson’s incredibly detailed yet catchy rhythm. Always strong and full of color, his playing encompasses many styles all of which have been influenced by many percussion greats in drum corps, jazz and rock.
Said to be a cross between post-rock, goth, indie, nu-jazz, and experimental, Ayris is truly a unique sound streaming above the blandness of new music that must be experienced firsthand.
Ayris has steadily been making their way through Pittsburgh, playing at every significant venue in the city and are anxious to branch off into surrounding cities and states.
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