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Aum Orchestra
Aum Orchestra

BT, Netherlands

New Age / Healing

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"Music is the universal language. It speaks from heart to heart, from Soul to Soul."

Indian classical music is principally based on melody and rhythm, Western music on harmony or chords stuctures. Our music presents Classical themes from ancient Indian music (Ragas), interwoven with Western harmonics and contemporary technique. Both are unified in a unique musical symbiosis. Our music and performance is not only an enjoyment but it also contains the potential to bring balance into people's lives and their environment.

The origin of Indian music is said to be rooted in the Vedas. It is said that God Himself is musical sound, the sound that pervades the whole universe, i.e. Nadabrahma. The primordial Sound is the AUM. The origins of Indian music are therefore considered divine. This, of course, applies to every music in its own context.

This outstanding album, a masterpiece born out of gratitude, has been produced by NewAge~Music pioneer producer Martin Weber-C., who joined with Indian Sitar-master Surajit Das, both residing at Holland's youngest, park-like Province on former seabottom: Flevoland. -- Dedicated to Universal Peace, to our Guides and Teachers, our families and friends all around the globe. May the music help brighten your days..

~~*~~ A b o u t M A Z (producer) ~~*~~

With the Harmonic Convergence, MAZ became a pioneer in Ambient and NewAge Music in 1987. He developed 'Personal SigNature~Music Creation' as he grew spiritually and established the SigNatureArt~Productions together with CURTIS KNIGHT, former mentor of Jimi Hendrix.

Studies in the Sound Current, Suradh Djabdh Yoga, TheWork® of Byron Katie and A Course in Miracles since 1991 helped him develop his true empathy and listening capacity. Martin is also hosting Internet- and Local Radio Shows in the Netherlands. Serving through dedicated Art is Maz's Ministry. Thank you for enjoying the AUM Orchestra ( )

AUM Shanti.
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