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Aubrey Agard
Aubrey Agard

Ontario, Canada

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Mobile: 416.305-9391

Every Beatles fan should check this out.

TORONTO, ON - Its been too long since a singer and songwriter came around with songs that just rejuvenate your soul and capture your imagination. With his debut CD "The Tangerine Toad", Aubrey pulls his listeners into his world with a fusion of psychedelic 60s and acoustic roots music, intertwined with his own blend of tropical rhythms.

Besides writing and producing the CD, Aubrey sang all vocals and played all the instruments, except where some real drumming heavyweights added their talents, including: James Brown's funky drummer: John 'Jab O' Starks; Motown's golden-era master percussionists: Pistol Allen, Uriel Jones, Jack Ashford; Aerosmith's rock solid Joey Kramer; session drummer extraordinaire (Madonna, Elton John): Ralph Salmins.

Aubrey is the recipient of a Billboard Songwriter Contest "Certificate of Achievement".

He has played with some of Toronto's finest musicians, and mass quantities of alcoholic beverages were sold while he was on stage. Eventually, he left the world of cover-songs to write and release his debut CD.

Aubrey brings a fresh change of style to listeners who are tired of the same old competitive sound in music. His natural vocals provide an amazing complement to his off-the-mainstream groove of songwriting techniques.

At once intense and heartening, "The Tangerine Toad" is the result of years of music. Inspired by Bob Marley and The Beatles, Aubrey began playing music as a pre-teen in the Caribbean. By the time he moved to Toronto in his late teens, and started logging thousands of gig-hours in nightclubs and speak-easies, it was clear he had the gift.

"The Tangerine Toad" CD is filled with all of the powerful dynamics that make a great record.

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About Aubrey:

Aubrey is a self-taught, independent Songtrepreneur (song-maker, entrepreneur, TM pending). He was born in the Caribbean and immigrated to Toronto in his teens. He is the recipient of a Billboard Songwriter Contest "Certificate of Achievement". Little know fact: Aubrey designed and built his website, Even lesser known fact: he completed his first marathon in Ottawa in May 2007.
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