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Atomic Bitch
Atomic Bitch

North Hollywood
California, United States

Indie Rock / Post-Punk

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Style: SOUL PUNK and Sexy Gasoline

FEBRUARY 27, 2007

For release immediately:
Atomic Bitch is the result of the synergy between two New Orleans transplants to the city of Los Angeles. Brad Davis and Ursulla Tadlock are the creative force behind the music and vision. Atomic Bitch has been described as:

Cali new wave glam-punk valley with a Louisiana drawl. Village Voice 2006
A great Indie/Punk sound that compliments the voice of their wicked vocalist Ursulla Tadlock Apart from a great album you can´t fault the production either and if this is the last album you buy in 2006 make sure it´s this baby. (Top And Bottom) 9/10 stars FFruk magazine UK 2006
Refreshing, high fashion, natural rock n roll sound Losing Today Italy 2006
1 + 1 = ROCK The mash of rock, punk, soul and disco offered up by Atomic Bitch is energizing .Church of Girl Radio Live 2006
Joan Jett should get interested in Atomic Bitch. blog. George Steel 2006
Ursulla Tadlock gives Cali’s long-lost new wave valley girl voice a healthy Louisiana punk neck drawl. Harp Magazine Issue 12 Aug. 2006

That kick-ass duo, born and bred in New Orleans but transplanted to So-Cal with the rest of us freaks, Atomic Bitch is back, better than ever with “Body Shop”, their third album. Reviewer Magazine San Diego 2007

Female vocalists have to have spunk for me to enjoy them - whether they're backed by a jagged indie-rock band or an acoustic guitar, there has to be some attitude for me to like them. The vocalist for AB definitely has spunk. Music Blog 2007

These are just a few quotes from several reviews and radio stations that are responding to their latest release “Body Shop”. Atomic Bitch as a live band includes JIM JET and Jean Black on guitar and bass and Mariah Shaw our Atomic Groove dancer.

Live reviews of an Atomic Bitch show include:

Atomic Bitch put on a show that was a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Tadlock possessed the stage, exuding charisma and command in her vocals and presence. Bob Leggett Music Connection 2005

Atomic Bitch puts on one of the best shows in Los Angeles. Cajun flavor and exploding energy keep you moving to the groove and wanting more. Lj Scott CEO

The band is currently filming the third video from Body Shop and in the studio working on their next record slated for release in 2007.

Atomic Bitch’s CD, Body Shop can be found on ITUNES, RHAPSODY,,, Amoeba Music Store L.A. and. END
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