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astao314 astao314
astao314 astao314

Alaska, France

Chicago Blues

Listen to astao314 astao314 some people once met dry garlic sauce, they will have an indissoluble bond in the whole life.
There are many dumpling eateries in China. garlic paste will definitely be included in the dipping sauce prepared by all dumpling eateries for diners. it is formulated by dry garlic sauce or other garlic products, it is mixed with vinegar, sesame oil, salt and other ingredients. it is split into plates for later use. after dumplings are served, a dumpling is picked up, dipped in the garlic paste, and sent to the mouth. the delicacy is beyond words.
My best friend, he grew up by the sea. every time I visit his home, he will definitely make his specialty dish - "prawn with garlic". the general method is to cut the shell on the back of the prawn, unfold the prawn and add various seasonings to preserve it for later use. Make dry garlic sauce mix with appropriate amount of oil, Spread the pickled shrimps on a baking tray, coat garlic powder with oil, sprinkle with pepper ring, preheat the oven to 220 degrees, after bake for 8 - 10 minutes to get the delicious food. After eating once, I became addicted, so until now I still have many kinds of excuse to visit him to eat.Garlic Paste suppliers
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