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Ashley Wool
Ashley Wool

New York
New York, United States

Indie Pop / Singer/Songwriter

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"The musical theater major combines her classical training with plenty of pop sensibilities, creating a sound like no other in music and drawing fans from almost any genre." -Alan Ho,

"Ashley Wool has a voice like a diva, the soul of a punk rocker. But no, you can't just put her in a box like that...there is that voice, theater trained and yet hell-bent to rock out and have fun, like a more rocking Kelly Clarkson. Not that Ashley is interested in winning American Idol." -BLAMF!

Take a quirky concoction of made-up words, awkward situations, declarations of independence, and admittances of vulnerability. Add a powerful, versatile voice--a voice that's been trained in musical theatre, but was born to rock. This is what Ashley Wool offers on her debut album, Not Otherwise Specified, a collection of seven original pop-rock songs released independently in June 2006.

Since her album's release, 20-year-old Ashley Wool has captured the attention of listeners across the world with songs like the attitude-infused pop-meets-Motown "Automatoronic" (currently in rotation on XM Satellite Radio), the tangy, hip-hop-tinged "You Got Me There," the explosive rock anthem and fan favorite "I Dare Ya," and the heartfelt ballad "Brendan," which brings Ashley's soulful vocals to the forefront amidst breezy piano and acoustic guitar. The songs are an eclectic combination of sweetness and sarcasm, wit and sincerity, youthfulness and maturity. Most of all, they represent a young artist "not otherwise specified."
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