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Anomalous Leaf
Anomalous Leaf

North Carolina, United States

Instrumental Rock / Experimental

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Anomalous Leaf (formerly Anomalous) is the musical pseudonym of solo ambient-space-rock musical artist Irfan Azam. Emitting from a bedroom-based pseudo-studio in the quiet suburbs of North Carolina since 2004, the sound of Anomalous Leaf’s music shifts like emotions: abstract, unrestrained in style, and played completely spontaneous.

With “Dusk of the Great Dawn,” the debut collection of musical experimentation that was completed in late 2005, Anomalous exhibited a style that had yet to fully re-emerge in the modern music scene—a style reminiscent of early electronic ventures akin to Pink Floyd’s “A Saucerful of Secrets”—and reflected the shadow of the apocalyptic political ambiance of the time. The album set the stage for Anomalous’ style, both musically and figuratively, and the next three albums, though publicly unreleased, exhibited similar qualities while at the same time expanding and evolving its spectrum of moods and thematic overertones.

With the advent of “All Needles Point North,” Anomalous’ fifth and most ambitious effort to its date, Azam’s full creative ability to produce lush soundscapes of original ambient rock music was finally unleashed. The album became Anomalous’ debut public release, which set out in the March of 2007. Dominantly experimental as ever, the album showcased a trans-genre spectrum of styles ranging from ethereal hard-rock to breathtaking ambient melodies and everything in between.

In 2009, Azam decided to continue his public musical existence under its current title of Anomalous Leaf, and hastily settled into it by re-issuing his 2008 album, Embers of November, under the new moniker. Currently, Anomalous Leaf is drawing plans to compile and release a selection of works from the “unreleased” years of Anomalous, circa 2004-2007.
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