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All Songs Summer Dreams
Sea of Flags
#21 in Classical SongVault Certified
Sea of Flags
Summer Dreams
Contemporary Classical
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Aug 10, 2008
The Full Moon of August
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The Full Moon of August
Summer Dreams
New Age
Length: 3:12
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Summer Dreams
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Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams
Big Beat
Length: 3:52
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SongVault Certified Artist Andreas

Macedonia, Greece

New Age / Instrumental Pop

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Andreas is a Greek composer of melodic, exciting and emotional instrumental music with influences by Yanni, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. Music to heal, bring peace and energize you, and most of all to delight you with great melodies.

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Andreas is writing the music for a 40 minute show of the Digital Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation in Athens, Greece. With the release date being February or October 2009 the show will draw an estimated audience of 200,000 in 2 years.

Andreas is also preparing the new edition of his debut album "Melodic Winds" which was released back in 1998, The new edition will have heavily improved sounds and sound quality plus improved arrangements.

ANDREAS NEWS (Updated on June 2008)

JUNE 2008: A 4-page Andreas interview appeared in the June 2008 issue of the Italian magazine "New Age and New Sounds", along with the track "When The Sea Remembers" in the CD Sampler accompanying the issue. Expect the full interview to appear soon at Andreas Online.

MAY 2008: "Samos" from "Summer Dreams" won Andreas a honourable mention at the 2008 West Coast Songwriters Association Contest in the "Instrumental" category:

JANUARY 2008: Andreas was represented at MIDEM 2008 at Cannes, France by being included in "Expose Your Muse" CD Samplers. The selected songs were "Heart Full of Love" from "When The Sea Remembers" and "Signs of Love" from "Summer Dreams".

AUGUST 2007: "Signs of Love" and "Samos", both from "Summer Dreams" reached the semi-finals of the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest.

JUNE 2007: "Signs of Love" from "Summer Dreams" has earned Andreas a honourable mention in the "Instrumental" category of the 11th Unisong International Songwriting Contest

JUNE 2007:"Signs of Love" from "Summer Dreams" was selected for the Songsalive CD Sampler 9. The CD is currently distributed in various music conferences in US and Australia.

JUNE 2007: "Sifnos" was selected for the IRL 2007 CD Sampler and the album "When The Sea Remembers" is promoted on the print catalogue accompanying the CD. Printed in 1000 copies in June 2007 and distributed to Asian music industry professionals this catalogue promoted Andreas in the Asian music industry.

DECEMBER 2006: Andreas with his song "Signs of Love" from "Summer Dreams" was one of the 20 artists selected for the CD "American Heroes", released by 3 Point Records at December 2006 for the American soldiers in Iraq, The CD is available at Napster and CD Baby:

NOVEMBER 2006: Andreas has won the title "Best Greek Composition" in the prestigious "Musicaid International Music Awards 2006" with "Sifnos" and "Heart Full of Love" from "When The Sea Remembers".

NOVEMBER 2006: A rave review about Andreas and the album "When The Sea Remembers" appeared in the November 2006 issue of the major indie music magazine "Unsigned"

To read the full review go to and click on the November 2006 issue link.

JUNE 2006: Andreas is one of the 20 finalists of the 10th Unisong International Songwriting Contest in the "Instrumental" category with "Sifnos" from "When The Sea Remembers":

JUNE 2006: Andreas is one of the 5 finalists of the prestigious 2006 Independent Music Awards in the "New Age" category with "Sifnos" from "When The Sea Remembers":

JUNE 2006: The song "Heart Full of Love" from Andreas latest album "When The Sea Remembers" was selected for the Songsalive! CD Sampler 8 which was exhibited to various music conferences in USA and Australia.

JUNE 2006 AND JUNE 2005: "On The Beach" was included in the 2005 Musselman Triathlon Festival Compilation CD and in the 2006 Timberman Triathlon Compilation CD that were given to 1000 and 2200 athletes and volunteers respectively.

AUGUST 2005: Andreas was a semi-finalist of the 2005 UK Songwriting Competition with "Heart Full of Love" from "When The Sea Remembers"

Andreas is a Greek composer of contemporary instrumental music and he lives in the city of Thessaloniki where he was born on 18 October 1971. Combining synthesizers and acoustic instruments Andreas creates melodic and emotional pieces that describe his life experiences and emotions, aiming in the hearts of his audience.

His songs follow the classic structure of pop songs, while they offer a broad variety of styles. Andreas has created his own unique style and signature sound with influences from Yanni, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre.

His involvement with music started on January 1989 with the composing of the piece Melodic Winds and since then he has been constantly composing music and improving his Melodic Winds Studio. He has a degree in Music Harmony from the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki and the Yamaha Electone Method degree from the Yamaha Music Foundation, while he continues his piano studies at the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

Andreas has a degree in Physics as well as a Master Degree in Environmental Physics (specializing in Atmospheric Pollution and Ozone Depletion) both received from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Andreas studied Environmental Physics under the guidance of the internationally renowned professor Christos Zerefos, who has received a UNESCO award for his groundbreaking research for ozone depletion.


1998: Melodic Winds CD
1999: Song For The Children CD Single
2001: Life Images CD
2004: When The Sea Remembers CD
2008: Summer Dreams CD

Andreas has also composed the music for the short films Loss (2004), A World Made of Paper (2002) and Without Identity (2000).

Coming on 1 December 2008: Melodic Winds (New Edition)
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