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Arizona, Brazil

Goth / Dancepunk

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Roz graduated with a B.A. in Music at the University of Denver. The artist went on to receive a Master's in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Long Island University. When asked why she combined a master's degree in marketing with a bachelor's in music, the artist reminds individuals that this is, "the music business, and you need to understand the relevance of business decisions as much as you consider the importance of creative decisions.

The artist has enjoyed a dramatic increase in hits on her web site and has realized the importance of the Internet and digital downloading by signing up with CD Roz has had her music downloaded off of MusicMatch, ITunes, and Rhapsody. "It's a great way to distribute music," the artist states. I can be in the U.S.A. and have someone in Australia download and enjoy one of my songs!"

At this point in her career, Roz is turning her sights to creating a band that will build on the increased interest in her music. "I also feel distribution is important, "the artist reveals," I would like to work with an cool management or record company that would partner with me to explore this niche market and make some amazing music!"

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