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All Songs Journey - A Special Edition
#321 in Country SongVault Certified
Journey - A Special Edition
Contemporary Country
Length: 3:07
On Network Since Jul 21, 2009
Allison Janisse
SongVault Certified Artist Allison Janisse

Alberta, Canada

Contemporary Country / Country Western

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As of September 2009, Allison has received news that she has moved up in the finals on the ECMA with 2 categories. She is in the top 5 for Female Vocalist of the year and her CD Journey is also in the running for Indie Album of the year!

2008 proved to be a very memorable year for this very talented recording artist. This was the year that marked the beginning of a very promising journey. "She has been one of most successful artists of 2008", stated by Frank of Comstock Records International Promotions.

Allison Janisse is Canadian born and bred and has lived in many parts of Canada. Her love and passion for music started at a very young age and it has continued to grow with her. Smooth, fresh, toe-tapping, uplifting, and fun are all words which have been used to describe Allison's songs. Allison is a passionate singer/songwriter and performer, enchanting her audience with her unique blend of contemporary and country style using an animated, interactive delivery and soul-touching sound.

"Music to me is a huge part of my life. It is my way of expressing how I feel, happy or sad and everything in between. It is something that has grown with me through life".

"I had the opportunity to work with an amazing producer, arranger and engineer who became a really good friend of mine...Gerry Dere. We had a great time working on all of my CD's."

Her debut CD "Come Dance With Me", released at the beginning of 2008 was recorded, mixed and mastered within a short 6 months. The CD has been evaluated by many professionals in the industry. The CD as a whole was said to be a fantastic concert. So, it was decided to send the complete CD to Europe through Comstock Records International Promotions. Basically, the CD got off the plane and exploded on the European market, from Norway to Australia and New Zealand. All 11 songs have been getting strong airplay. "Give Me a Cowboy" appeared on the ECMA Charts in June, 2008, climbed as high as #2 spot withinn 6 weeks and has remained on the top 100 for over 43 of our weeks (over 30 charting weeks). As of June, 2009 Allison is in the top 10 finalists for nomination on the ECMA awards for Female Vocalist of the Year 2008.

During March and April, 2008, Allison was back in the studio with Gerry to record 2 new original songs. These were compiled onto a second CD with the originals from her first one to make an all original CD called "Journey". "I can't tell you how much fun it was recording "Who Do you Think You Are". This song has a ton of attitude and was a lot of fun recording it. I had a hard time trying not to laugh!!!"

"Journey is a song that holds a big piece of my heart. It is a song that I had been trying to write for a very long time. Then my sister, Jennifer came and said "I wrote a poem for you, maybe it is something you can use". Well wouldn't you know it is exactly what I wanted to say."

These two songs were released on the European market in May, 2008. And have been very well received!

In August, 2008 Allison was approached with a new song "Everyday I'm Hangin' On". She was hesitant about doing it because she had a lot on her plate at that time. She squeezed it in and as soon as it was recorded and hit the airways it shot to #1 spot on the Independent Music Network.

Allison's dream has always been to help those that need the help the most. She will be doing this by donating $3.00 from the sale of her CD's "Come Dance with me" and "Journey - A Special Edition". This donation will take place for CD sales at concerts/live performances and sales off her website. The monies collected will be divided between 2 charities - Dreamcatchers for Abused Children where she is on the Board as a Spokesperson and the charity the performance is being done for.

Allison loves performing and feeds off of the energy from the audience, sharing her passion for music. Plan on seeing a lot from this artist in the future. She is going to be around for a long time.
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