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Never Been Hurt By You
#102 in Blues SongVault Certified
Never Been Hurt By You
Allah Ali / Kosmic Flight
Country Blues
Length: 4:24
On Network Since Apr 22, 2009
Time Stand Still
#25 in Blues SongVault Auditions
Time Stand Still
The Search
Country Blues
Length: 4:57
On Network Since Jun 27, 2010
Allah Ali
SongVault Certified Artist Allah Ali

Arizona, United States

Country Blues / Rhythm & Blues

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Born in Chicago, Shanghai to L.A. at age 10,
I have been into Music since age 3. Started to play my Guitar at age 19. Wrote my first song at 30, and have been playing & writing music ever since. I love all types of Music, but mostly Love Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, and Country...It reaches the Soul while it Mirrors Life. I study, and practice Martial Arts, and believe that the Spiritual Aspirations of this Art goes hand & hand with Music....I released my first CD Single after many years of preparation which can be obtained from or email me direct at for $6.00...Plus S & H $3.50....As for my Description of my Music.. "If you take a little Elvis, Neil, Van Morrison, Roy Orbison & add a little BB King, mix it all up with a Whole Lot of Allah Ali, You come close to my sound, Close, But still it's Different"........
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