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All Songs theVirgin Hunger
Adrienne Arno-High Bouncing Lover
#226 in Pop SongVault Certified
Adrienne Arno-High Bouncing Lover
theVirgin Hunger
Length: 3:18
On Network Since Jun 1, 2008
theNext Best Thing to Jesus
#685 in Pop SongVault Certified
theNext Best Thing to Jesus
theVirgin Hunger
Length: 5:05
On Network Since Jun 1, 2008
Adrienne Arno
SongVault Certified Artist Adrienne Arno

Long Island City
New York, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Adult Contemporary

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"I'm about passion, pure and complex"

-Adrienne Arno

Born in a sleepy suburb of New York this emotionally charged artist grew up as a lonely daughter of a celebrated Police Officer. Strongly influences by her Irish-Catholic Grandmother who once been a Nun, Adrienne Arno was born into a world saturated with conflict and creativity.

Despite demonstrating clear clues of her innate musical ability, the young artist was discouraged from embracing her passion due to the economic and emotional struggle her family fought daily. Poverty and violence plagued the artist’s childhood.

Studying forensic psychology, fearing musical failure, and Adrienne began work as a young psychologist with serial killers in the NYS’s largest Maximum Security Prison. Here she came to face her fears and returned to music after surviving several assaults by paroled criminals which left the artist both physically scarred and emotionally reawakened. “I had to risk losing everything to realize I could have anything” she confesses when asked about the dramatic events that inspired her return to her true passion.

"What a melody, what lyrics, what a performance..." bloggers have raved and predicted Adrienne Arno's music will "become a new cult classic"- causing postings of her early demos to receive over 200 hits weekly. The artist has also found herself working with some of the best of NYC's music culture-including Grammy winning producer Marc Urselli (along with Sting and Joss Stone) and Mike Guerriero whose work has topped the Billboard Dance charts. Even IK Media Magazine has noted "the NY singer/songwriter Adrienne Arno".

Her sweet and breathy voice, the smart and playful tone of her lyrics, and the genuine passion her music conveys has earned this singer-songwriter a strong grassroots following, a favored spot on Internet radio stations world wide, along with comparisons to artists like Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani.

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