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The Gate
#49 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
The Gate
Bleed the Light
Heavy Metal
Length: 5:36
On Network Since Oct 3, 2007
3 Hours of Darkness
SongVault Certified Artist 3 Hours of Darkness

Oklahoma, United States

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They call it "SOUTHERN METAL"... BBQ, bikers, beer, whiskey, fishing, rednecks, rebels and southern women! Music that is laced with hard rhythms, dark and heavy tones, and covered with soulful (sometimes blistering) guitar leads... all delivered with a flair that is uniquely southern. This groove and balance of vocals influence us and drive us to be proud of our roots and deliver a show that people can easily relate to.

Our sound and style is focused towards the commercial side of rock and metal without allowing ourselves to be cast into the "sellout" category. Oklahoma is the South... last time we looked. We enjoy our sound and seek those that identify with it and we're proud of what we've accomplished. At the end of the day our fans drive us to carry on and hopefully with our music we've entertained them, inspired them and changed them.

Since the beginning of the band as "Sonic Ritual", 3HOD has seen many lineup changes. Guitarist and vocalist Rick "Muddy" Davis has been the central member. Guitarist and vocalist John Hale has weathered quite a few storms with 3HOD and is a key element to the sound of 3HOD. Bassist Trei has been running our sound, assisting with bookings and helping our recordings with Wicked Brothers Recording since June of 2007. In November of 2007 we added a new lead vocalist Eli and our drummer Fuzzy came back. The two recent additions have added to the diversity of 3HOD while still maintaining our signature sound.

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