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3 Clapz
3 Clapz

Bloomington & Peoria
Illinois, United States

HipHop / Rap

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The group 3 clapz started out as a handshake between D.L., Big Mike, and Matt a.k.a. M.A.T. Soon to join the group was Jacoby a.k.a J Mack. The simple handshake turned into a group and a symbol of loyalty amongst each other. After awhile each one started to realize the musical talents each other had and decided to turn it into more of a music group. As the name grew, they encountered more and more haters trying to make fun of the name and the people in the group. They overcame the hate and still stand strong with their music today. J Mack has taken leadership in trying to get the group off of the ground. He is currently in the studio laying down numerous tracks. In exchange, 3 Clapz has picked up one hot new artist, Tyler Miller a.k.a. T Mill. The group also has an R&B side lead by D.L and his brother J.H. who is currently working hard to perfect their voices and lyrics to make an impact on the group. People often mistaken and make jokes about the meaning of 3 clapz. 3 clapz is not an applause or a number of gunshots. It is a code that they live by. The 1st clap is keeping God first. The 2nd clap is staying righteous and loyal to your brothers. The 3rd clap is gettin money and not letting anyone or anything stop you. It is more a way of life. Be on the lookout for individual and group projects coming out soon.
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