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Washington, United States

Praise / Worship / Doo Wop

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Building on the foundation of Scripture and singing in the spirit of worship, 2PRAISE offers acappella music designed to draw you into the throne room of Heaven. It is their prayer that as you listen, or sing along, your heart will be filled with praise to God the Father and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. May your personal relationship with the Lord be blessed as you worship.

Jeremiah Savage and Nathanael Vossler have for many years shared both a deep love for God and a joy of singing. During their teenage years they formed a group with 3 other friends that was officially named "Victory" though more frequently referred to as simply "The Quintet." Many a nursing home, church, service, and homeschool event were blessed by their desire to praise God in song.

One afternoon Jeremiah and Nathanael were experimenting with audio recording and vocal dubbing. Having already written and arranged music for his church choir, Jeremiah decided to write a few songs just for Nathanael and himself to sing. Using Nathanael's brother's recording studio they began to put together a CD for themselves.

During that time neither of them imagined that their keepsake CD would grow into a project available for purchase and become a blessing not only to themselves, but also in the lives of many others.

It is their desire and prayer that you are moved closer to the Lord through their songs.
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