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200mm Graphite Electrode suppliers
200mm Graphite Electrode suppliers

Kentucky, Germany

Emo / Emo

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Advantages of graphite electrode With the increasing complexity of die geometry and the diversification of product application, the discharge accuracy of spark machine is required to be higher and higher. The advantages of graphite electrode are easy to process, high removal rate of EDM and small graphite loss. Therefore, some customers of group based spark
Machine abandon copper electrode and use graphite electrode instead. In addition, some electrodes with special shape can not be made of copper, but graphite is easier to form, and copper electrode is heavier, which is not suitable for machining large electrode. All these factors lead to the application of graphite electrode in some group based spark machine customers.
RP Graphite Electrode
PropertisesunitNumerical value
Bulk densityg/cm31.6-1.65
Specific resistance渭惟路m8.5-10
Ash content%0.3-0.5
Flexural strengthMpa8-12
Elastic modulusGpa9.3-14.0
HP Graphite Electrode
PropertisesunitNumerical value
Bulk densityg/cm31.65-1.70
Specific resistance渭惟路m6.5-7.5
Ash content%0.3-0.5
Flexural strengthMpa12-16
Elastic modulusGpa12-16
UHP Graphite Electrode
PropertisesunitNumerical value
Bulk densityg/cm31.68-1.75
Specific resistance渭惟路m5.5-6.5
Ash content%0.3
Flexural strengthMpa16-20
Elastic modulusGpa16-20
1.Q:Our packaging.
A:Packed in wooden boxes, wooden frame bottom brackets, and tied with packing steel tap
2.Q:What are the after-sales services for customers who purchase?
A:We will commission customers for free, and provide solutions within 48 hours of problems.
3.Q:What should I do if damage occurs during product transportation?
A:If you find any damage when signing, please directly refuse to sign and return the original bill; if you are not signed by yourself and find that there is damage, please contact online customer service as soon as possible, we will handle it for you in time (please keep the invoices and other valid documents properly) .200mm Graphite Electrode suppliers
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