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SongVault Alternative Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
Glory Filth and Fame Pure Filth Glory Filth and Fame Certified
Marple Attack Germany 04-(RKD5) Ein Maennlein Marple Attack Germany Certified
Bidhan mahato 1 Bidhan mahato Auditions
Another Way of Life 32205 Another Way of Life Certified
Mercer 92 Mercer Certified
Ahmond A Boy You Once Knew Ahmond Certified
Elliott Ranney a good life Elliott Ranney Finals
The Rainpals A NEW DAY The Rainpals Certified
PANICPHOBIA About Stones and Gravity PANICPHOBIA Certified
Ghosts on Film Airlocked Ghosts on Film Certified
The Accentrix All In My Mind The Accentrix Certified
Boxcar Skyline All Over Now Boxcar Skyline Certified
Kenneth Raftree All the Time Kenneth Raftree Certified
Guy Leroux All The Way To Hell Guy Leroux Certified
Ivan Beres All This Day Ivan Beres Certified
Unknown Component Alone With Your Mistakes Unknown Component Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Alternative Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
9Lies 9Lies Adult Alternative 2 Belfast, Co Antrim
:) :) Indie Rock 6 Earth, Earth
A Social State A Social State Adult Alternative 1 Scranton, Pennsylvania
Aaron Durr Aaron Durr Adult Alternative 1 Modesto / San Francisco, California
Ahedarexia (AKA Wes Ervine) Ahedarexia (AKA Wes Ervine) Hard Rock 1 Tacoma, Washington
Ahmond Ahmond Adult Alternative 1 brooklyn, New York
Albionics Albionics Indie Rock 3 Varese, Lombardia
Alex & Friends Alex & Friends Modern Rock 3 Paris, IDF
Alex Hirsch Alex Hirsch Rock & Roll 1 calabasas, California
Alex Radus Alex Radus Adult Alternative 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alexy Alexy Indie Rock 2 Ottawa, Otario
Andrew Paul Woodworth Andrew Paul Woodworth Indie Rock 1 Los Angeles, California
Andrew Solomon Andrew Solomon Adult Alternative 3 San Francisco, California
Anita Maj Anita Maj Indie Rock 3 London, London
Another Way of Life Another Way of Life Modern Rock 3 Jacksonville, Florida
Anthony Hanson Anthony Hanson Modern Rock 1 Staten Island, New York
Aoede Aoede Indie Rock 1 San Francisco, California
Arrow Down Hill Arrow Down Hill Industrial 1 Middletown, Ohio
Arthur Walker Arthur Walker Indie Rock 1 Plymouth, Plymouth
●  ● ● ● Post-Punk 18 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Big Mess Big Mess Indie Rock 5 Manhattan Beach, California
BIGKRUSH BIGKRUSH Adult Alternative 2 Utica, New York
Bill Leyden Bill Leyden Meditation 3 Prescott, Arizona
Bill Wilson Jr Bill Wilson Jr Indie Rock 2 Brooklyn, New York
Black Market Androids Black Market Androids Post-Punk 3 Sarasota, Florida
Blind Like Sam Blind Like Sam Adult Alternative 1 Altadena, California
Blue Rabbit Blue Rabbit Indie Rock 1 San Francisco, California
Boxcar Skyline Boxcar Skyline Adult Alternative 3 Mobile, Alabama
Brainsick Spawns Brainsick Spawns New Wave 4 Leskovac, Former Yugoslavia
Brian Roberts Brian Roberts Adult Alternative 1 Big Pine Key, Florida
Broken Iris Broken Iris Modern Rock 1 Sacramento, California
Broken Poets Broken Poets Adult Alternative 2 Phoenix, Arizona
Brothers Of Craig Brothers Of Craig Modern Rock 3 glasgow, south lanarkshire
Carl Theuer Carl Theuer Adult Alternative 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Charge of the Light Brigade Charge of the Light Brigade Alternative 2 Toronto, ON
Chayka Chayka Modern Rock 1 Dublin, Kildare
CHINASKI CHINASKI Indie Rock 13 Los Angeles, California
Chris Blake Chris Blake Adult Alternative 1 Los Angeles, California
chris hogan chris hogan Indie Rock 1 pheonix, Arizona
cinwaves cinwaves Indie Rock 1 Deerfield Beach, Florida
Cooper-ation Cooper-ation Indie Rock 1 Marion, Iowa
Counterfeit Disaster Counterfeit Disaster Indie Rock 3 Kingston, New York
cris tanzi cris tanzi Alternative Folk 1 london, uk
Cristian Soriano Solleiro Cristian Soriano Solleiro New Wave 6 Berlin, Berlin
Crossing Sarnoff Crossing Sarnoff Indie Rock 1 Tucson, Arizona
Dan Hylton Dan Hylton Indie Rock 3 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dead Electrics Dead Electrics Indie Rock 1 Liverpool, Coventry,, London
Derek Jordan Derek Jordan Modern Rock 1 Hollywood, California
Dirty Epics Dirty Epics Indie Rock 1 Dublin, Dublin
Drop-Zone Drop-Zone HipHop / Rap 1 Bronx, New York
Dropsphere Dropsphere Adult Alternative 1 Tucson, Arizona
Duffey Westlake Duffey Westlake Rock 1 Encino, California
DYSFUNCTION DYSFUNCTION Hard Rock 1 Saltville, Virginia
Echo Hill Echo Hill Indie Rock 2 Sylvania, Ohio
Elder Roche Elder Roche Singer/Songwriter 1 Dublin, Dublin
Electric Fan Death Electric Fan Death Indie Rock 1 Manchester & Aberdeen, Lancashire
Elm Treason Elm Treason Adult Alternative 5 Staten Island, New York
Emezie Okorafor Emezie Okorafor Adult Alternative 3 Chicago, Illinois
Esenia Esenia Goth 3 Vigo, Pontevedra
Exit Stranger Exit Stranger Modern Rock 2 Pretoria, Gauteng
Falik Falik Indie Rock 2 Sparks, Nevada
FED FED Modern Rock 2 Flower Mound, Texas
First October First October Indie Rock 6 Miami, Florida
Five Star Iris Five Star Iris Adult Alternative 2 Atlanta, Georgia
Fractal Garden Fractal Garden Electronic 1 Seattle, Washington
Fremont John Ashton Fremont John Ashton Adult Alternative 1 Englewood, Florida
Geezer Safari Geezer Safari Indie Rock 2 nottingham, uk
Gelatinous Cube Gelatinous Cube Indie Rock 2 CROTON on Hudson, New York
GEORGE ROMITI GEORGE ROMITI Indie Rock 8 scranton, Pennsylvania
Ghosts on Film Ghosts on Film Post-Punk 3 Houston, Texas
Gigs Gigs Singer/Songwriter 1 LaVergne, Tennessee
Glory Filth and Fame Glory Filth and Fame Industrial 1 brentwood, Tennessee
Gregory Piere Gregory Piere Jazz 1 San Francisco, California
GrimWitcH GrimWitcH Industrial 1 Marion, North Carolina
Guy Leroux Guy Leroux Country 1 Little Northern Town, Ont
Half Acre Day Half Acre Day Indie Rock 1 Seattle, Washington
Half Circle Drive Half Circle Drive 1 Long Island, New York
HALO7 HALO7 Indie Rock 1 Hobart, Tasmania
Happy Daggers Happy Daggers Indie Rock 2 Leeds, UK
Havona Havona Indie Rock 3 Dorchester, Dorset
Hemlok Bay Hemlok Bay Adult Alternative 2 Santa Clarita, California
higgnbe higgnbe Adult Alternative 2 nazareth, Pennsylvania
Higher Than Pope Higher Than Pope Indie Rock 1 Salt Lake City, Utah
Hinkel Hinkel Indie Rock 3 Pforzheim, Baden-Wrttemberg
HIS GIRL FRIDAY HIS GIRL FRIDAY Indie Rock 1 Finleyville, Pennsylvania
Hogweed Hogweed Alternative Folk 1 Trondheim, Sor Trondelag
Hollowmoon Hollowmoon Adult Alternative 1 brighton, e. sussex
Hollywood Lovescene Hollywood Lovescene Rock 2 Lake Worth, Florida
How To Avoid Art How To Avoid Art Industrial 1 Sykesville, Maryland
Ian Tomele Ian Tomele Punk 1 Chicago, Illinois
Ikonoklast Ikonoklast Industrial Metal 1 phoenix, Arizona
Immundus Immundus Industrial 1 Hamar, Hedmark
In the Movies In the Movies 2 Los angeles, California
Isaac's Aircraft Isaac's Aircraft Indie Rock 2 Cambridge, Cambridge
Isolation Nation Isolation Nation Electronic 1 Hot Springs, Arkansas
Ivan Beres Ivan Beres Indie Rock 1 Telki, Pest
Ivy Mic Ivy Mic Modern Rock 1 Sedona, Arizona
jack budd jack budd Indie Rock 1 Richmond, Virginia
James Miller Band James Miller Band Adult Alternative 1 New York, New York
jamie green jamie green Adult Alternative 3 santa barbara, California
Jay Johnson Jay Johnson Singer/Songwriter 1 Dallas, Texas
Jeff Kanzler Jeff Kanzler 1 Seattle, Washington
Jeffro Bodeen Jeffro Bodeen Singer/Songwriter 1 Asheville, North Carolina
Jeremy Head Jeremy Head Modern Rock 2 Penticton, BC
Jim Glass and Friends Jim Glass and Friends Contemporary Blues 1 peoria, Arizona
Jim Glass and Friends Jim Glass and Friends Chicago Blues 3 Peoria, Arizona
Jim Glass and Friends Jim Glass and Friends Contemporary Blues 1 Peoria, Arizona
Joey Haire Joey Haire Industrial Metal 2 Cincinnati, Ohio
John Anno John Anno Adult Alternative 1 Springfield, Missouri
John Calvin Brewer Band John Calvin Brewer Band Rock 2 Hot Springs, Arkansas
Jonathan Hernandez Jonathan Hernandez Post-Punk 2 Riverside, California
Julia Albert Julia Albert Adult Alternative 3 Studio City, California
Jupiter In Velvet Jupiter In Velvet Modern Rock 3 London, London
Kenneth Fleischner Kenneth Fleischner Modern Rock 1 Sydney, Mt Druitt
Kenneth Raftree Kenneth Raftree Modern Rock 3 Union, New Jersey
Kennewick Man Kennewick Man Alternative 1 Lummi Island, Washington
Kevin McDonnell Kevin McDonnell Indie Rock 1 Sunrise, Florida
Kevin McNally Kevin McNally Adult Alternative 2 Los Angeles, California
Khalid Beard Khalid Beard Electronic 1 Dallas, Texas
Kim Koren Kim Koren Adult Alternative 1 Dundas, Ontario
kimo kimo Indie Rock 1 albuquerque, New Mexico
Knee Deep in Stereo Knee Deep in Stereo 1 Cookeville, Tennessee
Kromofonica Kromofonica Progressive 1 Genoa, Liguria
Kurt Gunn Kurt Gunn Folk Rock 3 DePere, Wisconsin
LE FOUR LE FOUR Rock 1 Bella Vista, Buenos Aires
leiana leiana Post-Punk 1 philadelphia, Pennsylvania
lindsay darcy lindsay darcy Adult Alternative 1 London, England
Lisle Engle Lisle Engle Adult Alternative 3 West Hollywood, California
Little Red Cottage Little Red Cottage New Wave 1 Stockholm, N/A
Living Attic Living Attic Heavy Metal 1 Helsinki, Uusimaa
Luna Blu Luna Blu Indie Rock 2 Chicago, Illinois
Marple Attack Germany Marple Attack Germany Adult Alternative 2 Letzte Loch vor der, Preussen
martin gabriel martin gabriel Indie Pop 3 north hollwood, California
Max Vasquez Max Vasquez Various 1 Canoga Park, California
Max X Max X Adult Alternative 1 Los Angeles, California
Mercer Mercer Indie Rock 2 New York, New York
Michael Duff Michael Duff Adult Alternative 3 Los Angeles, California
Michael Reich Michael Reich Singer/Songwriter 1 Somerset, Pennsylvania
Michael Smyth Michael Smyth Punk 2 Clearwater, Florida
Mike Mattera Mike Mattera Country 1 Wildwood, New Jersey
Mitch M Mitch M Indie Rock 1 Provo, Utah
Monesque Monesque Adult Alternative 1 Melbourne, Victoria
Morris Minor Morris Minor Indie Rock 1 Mobile, Alabama
Mossback Mossback Indie Rock 2 Seattle, Washington
Mysti Mayhem Mysti Mayhem Alternative 1 Durham, North Carolina
Negative Sound Negative Sound Adult Alternative 1 Hot Springs, Arkansas
NewNobility NewNobility Indie Rock 2 Sydney, Alabama
Nick Gill Nick Gill Adult Alternative 3 Nashville, TN
North American Royalty North American Royalty Indie Rock 2 Chattanooga, Tennessee
Oldman Winter Oldman Winter Indie Rock 1 Bainbridge Island, Washington
Open Chapter Open Chapter Modern Rock 3 San Antonio, Texas
Owen Sartori Owen Sartori Adult Contemporary 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota
PANICPHOBIA PANICPHOBIA Alternative 1 Aarhus, Oestjylland
Parchment Farm Parchment Farm Indie Rock 1 Perrysburg, Ohio
parker parker Indie Rock 2 Toronto, ON
pat vahey pat vahey Rock 2 erie, Pennsylvania
Petty Crux Petty Crux Indie Rock 3 Los Angeles, CA
Phat Munky Phat Munky Modern Rock 1 South Florida, Florida
Phil Bearce Phil Bearce Adult Alternative 1 San Leandro, California
Phil Haynes Phil Haynes Indie Rock 2 Farnborough, Hampshire
Pixel Art Band Pixel Art Band Indie Rock 3 Rancagua, Alabama
Plastic Sunday Plastic Sunday Indie Rock 1 Nis, Serbia
Prelude to June Prelude to June Modern Rock 1 Klerksdorp, NW
Project Oryon Project Oryon Modern Rock 1 New Braunfels, Texas
Red Paintings Red Paintings Indie Rock 1 Brisbane, Brisbane
REVEREND ZEN REVEREND ZEN Adult Alternative 2 Katonah,, New York
rick calderone rick calderone Adult Alternative 2 Peoria, AZ, Arizona
Ricky Pigeons Ricky Pigeons Indie Rock 2 Brixham, Devon
ROCKCHILD ROCKCHILD Modern Rock 1 Los Angeles, California
Roman Wild Roman Wild Indie Rock 2 Grand Junction, Colorado
Royce Cleveland Royce Cleveland Punk 1 Akron, Ohio
Rubber Clown Car Rubber Clown Car Indie Rock 2 Oswego, Illinois
Russenorsk Russenorsk Indie Rock 1 Athens, Ohio
Sal Belloise Sal Belloise Adult Contemporary 1 Clearwater Beach, Florida
Scrap Iron Sun Scrap Iron Sun Indie Rock 4 West Springfield, Massachusetts
Sean Murphy Sean Murphy Alternative 2 NY, New York
Sean Stroud Sean Stroud Punk 3 Phoenix, Arizona
Seerene Scream (Greg Thomas) Seerene Scream (Greg Thomas) Adult Alternative 7 Hesperia, California
Sees The Day Sees The Day Adult Alternative 2 New York, New York
Sharm Sharm Orchestral Pop 2 Kent, England
Sherby Sherby Indie Rock 2 Malibu, CA
SHY TREE SHY TREE Indie Rock 5 Temple, Texas
SixtySix Records SixtySix Records Modern Rock 1 Vienna, Vienna
Sky Nelson Sky Nelson Adult Alternative 5 Santa Rosa, California
Somewhere Between Here and There (SBHT) Somewhere Between Here and There (SBHT) Alternative 2 HOUSTON, Texas
Stanford Joel Stanford Joel Adult Alternative 2 mt.pleasant, South Carolina
Static Cycle Static Cycle Modern Rock 1 Anchorage, Alaska
Stitch Stitch Punk 2 London, Ruislip
Sundown Caffeine Sundown Caffeine Indie Rock 1 Cebu City, Cebu
SUTROBATH SUTROBATH Indie Rock 1 port angeles, Washington
Talley Summerlin Talley Summerlin Adult Alternative 3 Madison, New Jersey
Telling on Trixie Telling on Trixie Modern Rock 1 New York, New York
thandi chundu thandi chundu New Wave 1 lusaka, eastern
The Accentrix The Accentrix Rock 3 Spartanburg, South Carolina
The Alphabetical Order The Alphabetical Order Indie Rock 2 Washington, DC
The Alternate Routes The Alternate Routes Adult Alternative 3 Bridgeport, Connecticut
The Arkanes The Arkanes Indie Rock 3 Skelmersdale, Lancashire
The Beat The Beat Rock 1 New York, New York
The Disenchantment Project The Disenchantment Project Alternative 1 Katoomba, NSW
The Fantastic 5 The Fantastic 5 Punk 2 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
the grasshopper the grasshopper Indie Rock 1 dublin, lenster
The JV Myka Project The JV Myka Project Indie Rock 1 Baltimore, Maryland
The Moo Woos The Moo Woos Indie Rock 1 London, London
The Rainpals The Rainpals New Wave 2 london, uk
The Rex Complex The Rex Complex Indie Rock 1 Brooklyn, New York
the rictors the rictors Indie Rock 3 skelmersdale, west lancs
The Rosy Shades The Rosy Shades Indie Rock 3 Tallahassee, Florida
The Slack The Slack Modern Rock 1 Dallas, TX
The Spyro The Spyro Indie Rock 2 Helsinki, Uusimaa
The synthetic dream foundation The synthetic dream foundation Industrial 1 tampa, Florida
The Wagner Logic The Wagner Logic Indie Rock 4 99610, Alaska
The Young Frankensteins The Young Frankensteins Hard Rock 1 Wellsville, New York
Tieweb Tieweb Adult Alternative 3 Arlington, Virginia
Tim Lang Tim Lang Adult Alternative 3 mazatlan, sinaloa
tk tk Alternative 1 NY, NY
TNTGIGZ TNTGIGZ Adult Alternative 1 Los Angeles, California
Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin Adult Alternative 1 Belleville, Ontario
TOXIC BEE BUZZ TOXIC BEE BUZZ Indie Rock 1 Briey, Dublin, Chica, New York
Truckee Brothers Truckee Brothers Indie Rock 1 San Diego, California
True Margrit True Margrit Indie Pop 1 San Francisco, California
Ultralust Ultralust Modern Rock 3 new york, New York
Unknown Component Unknown Component Indie Rock 1 Iowa City, Iowa
UseCurtis UseCurtis Indie Rock 2 Fayetteville, Arkansas
VitalKolo VitalKolo Progressive 1 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
wai rejected wai rejected Indie Rock 1 Malang, Jawa Timur
will george will george Post-Punk 2 swansea, wales, uk
WOUNDED RECORDS WOUNDED RECORDS Indie Rock 2 Evansville, Indiana


Da SonicMasters -Travelling wave(Original mix) (2018)
Dj Massive Da Sonic
Added April 6th

Ofonzi rap attact (2018)
Dominic Asiedu
Added March 10th

My lover (2018)
Charles Arhinful
Added March 10th

My lover (2018)
Charles Arhinful
Added March 10th

My lover (2018)
Charles Arhinful
Added March 9th

sometimes (2018)
santo quick
Added February 15th

Great info (1992)
Antonio kim
Added January 14th

Shiv chandr saini (2018)
Added December 21st
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