About SongVault

SongVault is a music discovery and music certification site featuring an on demand radio network of stations for every genre possible that markets, promotes and sells the latest and most popular songs of independent/unsigned artists.

Our objective is to create an online environment that replicates the music discovery format that has been successful for commercial label artists offline (through FM radio and music charts). We bring that same approach online for independent/unsigned artists by replacing the music industry method of filtering and releasing music on the radio with our own music certification process.

Listeners use the on demand radio stations to preview songs they may want to purchase and/or add to their free online music library account.

A Listener's purchased downloads and/or song additions to their free online SongVault library are important factors to our music certification process that helps determine what songs get permanent placement in our SongVault store directory and online radio network.

What makes SongVault unique is that our certification process helps make our store directory and radio network based on music of quality rather than quantity. It makes music discovery and purchasing for listeners more enjoyable while helping artists with songs that pass the certification process get the marketing recognition, exposure and money that they truly deserve.

For further detailed information please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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